آموزش لغات آیلتس

آموزش لغات آیلتس

آموزش لغات آیلتس

در این صفحه یک مجموعه آموزشی 24 جلسه ای آموزش لغات مورد نیاز برای آزمون آیلتس برای زبان آموزان دوره های فشرده 3 ماهه آنلاین آیلتس مهندس ابوالقاسمی گردآوری شده است. این لغات گلچینی از دو کتاب Oxford Word Skills Intermediate و Essential Words for IELTS می باشند و برای تمرین های کلاسی دوره های آنلاین آیلتس در نظر گرفته شده اند.

بعد از تکمیل این مجموعه، فایل های صوتی مربوطه به صورت رایگان در دسترس عموم علاقمندان قرار خواهد گرفت. تا تکمیل این مجموعه میتوانید آموزش ها را به صورت رایگان در اینستاگرام دنبال فرمایید: instagram.com/ielts2official


آشنایی با پسوند، پیشوند و ریشه ها

با توجه به پسوند، پیشوند و ریشه ها میتوان درک سریعتری از واژگان تازه داشت و معنی بسیاری از واژگان را بدون دیکشنری حدس زد.


پیشوند های صفت ساز


پسوند های اسم ساز و صفت ساز 


آشنایی با چند ریشه یونانی و رومی


جلسه های هشتم و نهم:


Dangerous species may put tourists’ lives in danger in these regions.

When humans occupy a region, there is no chance for other species to survive.

In serious cases of natural disasters, international aid should minimize the impact.

In many parts of the world the governments need to intervene to stabilize the food price.

Violent attacks may happen if female students are forced to work in places without sufficient security.

With the traditional foods vanishing in many developing countries, obesity seem to be a major health problems in future decades.

Teenage years may be also the optimal age for starting a part time job and experiencing financial independence.

Observing such resilient species of plants and animals can bring about changes in the way tourists will see the world in the future.

Without government intervention and taking necessary measures, local economy will probably never thrive.

Aquatic species might be more difficult to protect for a number of reasons.

Some of these tourists are simply fascinated by rare species of plants in remote regions.

Those who are enthusiastic about birds sometimes travels thousands of miles to be in the right place at the right time to observe bird’s migration.

Figures about population are critical and need to be observed and assessed carefully by experts.






جلسه های 10 و 11:


1. Since the impacts of climate change cannot be accurately anticipated, it would be unavoidable to have droughts without prior knowledge.

2. Many athletes cannot prepare themselves for international competitions without receiving help from the government.

3. The difference between male and female roles within the house has become blurred.

4. Legal boundaries of advertising is clearly defined to make sure that it does not contain misleading or deceptive information.

5. Self-employment can potentially complicate the matters further and they may struggle financially for years.

6. An effective manager should be able to coordinate resources and delegate responsibilities across teams and departments.

7. Possessing a property demonstrates how successful people are in their careers.

8. Watching a movie on a big screen provides the opportunity to detect non-verbal facial expression.

9. The abundance of choices in shopping can distract consumers’ attention from key factors such as durability and safety.

10. In order for any public health campaign in our community to be successful, government needs to first focus public attention on the issue.

The performance of education system on teaching foreign language has not been satisfactory in many developing countries.

Some argue that language can be acquired unconsciously during first years of life.

Climate change can permanently change the way we live because it can alter the output of agriculture.

Changes in temperature in extreme weather conditions are so marked that some tourists may not survive their impacts.

When teenagers take some responsibility, they enjoy exercising authority for the first time in their life.

Government need to have a stronger focus on education if they plan to improve public health.

Our body cannot tolerate the amount of sugar and salt in our diet.

Figures show that obesity is increasing around the world in an alarming rate.

Teenagers already suffer from anxiety since they are under tremendous pressure of school and forcing them into any extra work only makes the matter worse.

Free of charge sports facilities can help the public to turn physical exercise into a national pastime.

The fact that students have to stay out for after school jobs can make it easier for them to engage in criminal activities.









In difficult places valid information on geography of the region may not be available.

Students may not be able to turn up for unpaid activities since they already have way to much to do.

The fact that climate has become unreliable to feed the world has led to a situation in which hundreds if thousands of people end up failing to eat decent food.


جلسه های 12 و 13:


Natural disasters may push even a larger number of people into poverty.

An efficient transportation system allows people to take more regular walks everyday.

Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to advertisements for junk food and fast foods.

Self-employment may be able to accelerate growth in the economy.

In case employees are not offered enough incentives, they may turn to self-employment.

When after years of hard work, promotions go to rivals, some choose to continue their career as a self-employee. 

Rural areas almost always suffer from the absence of sports facilities. 

Free or inexpensive sports facilities would markedly increase the number of young people who are keen on sports but cannot afford it. 




جلسه 14:


Education system should adopt new rules to include minority groups in developed countries.

It seems that the way this museum was altered has had a positive effect on visitors.

Global hunger is not an issue that can be solved by a prominent scientist alone.

Some people think the threat of global warming has been exaggerated.

A new trend of tourism has emerged, in which old fashion luxury hotels are not in demand anymore.

If school teacher receive proper and constant training, they will be able to deliver results more effectively.





جلسه های 15 و 16:


Primary goal of each government should be an improvement in public health.

The decisions made by many people indicate that improving their situation may not be their priority.

It is undoubtedly desirable for students to be bilingual.

Self-employed people are usually able to set a clear target for themselves to achieve.

Many state-of-the-art agriculture machinery are manufactured each year but their distribution in the world is far from even.

With less time for physical exercise every year, deterioration of health in millions of people is reported.

It seems the world is simply unable to supply the population in many less developed regions.

It is estimated that fewer people will be likely to engage in sports and physical activity in coming decades.





جلسه های 17 و 18:





Volunteer (v): 





جلسه های 19 و 20:


People who work hard to change a bad situation will have the chance of developing the characteristic of a self-made leader.

Self-employment gives them the chance of making more progress in their work instead of competing with coworkers in an unhealthy manner.








Having access to sport facilities is a source of motivation for many people in poor neighborhoods.

Clothes may be a direct sign of socioeconomic status in the first meeting.

Tackling current environmental issues requires decisive action.





جلسه های 21 و 22:



Some argue that imposing new recycling laws would be more demanding than it appears to be.

Statistics show that many people do not seem to care about recycling schemes that are made available to them by their local authorities.

In developing countries, recycled material account for only a negligible share of production.

Any attempt for a large scale development necessitates natural resource exploitation. 

The existence of two genders in academic settings promotes equality

Some people persist with their efforts despite the obstacles.   

Young people without academic qualifications may fail to peruse a successful career in the future.  






جلسه های 23 و 24:


It seems the current approach in education is not as effective as it once thought.

Advertisements openly manipulate target groups and force them to purchase items they do not necessarily need.

Forcing teenagers to do obligatory works is morally wrong.




جلسه 25 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1

جلسه 26 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1


جلسه 27 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1


جلسه 28 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1

جلسه 28 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1

جلسه 29 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1

جلسه 30 – کتاب Focus on Vocabulary 1





جلسه اول:

1. It is important to recognize the importance of happiness in life. 

2. Sharing information freely provides the opportunity for more students to increase their knowledge.

3. Unhealthy foods and snacks are more popular in large cities. 

4. Total income of an engineer is much more in a large city compare with a small town.

5. Chemistry teachers should provide different materials in laboratory and let students experiment with them.




Many tourists may show interest in going to foreign countries to see exotic plants and animals.

Many young people are not interested in spending too much time in libraries and only want to get the gist of books in schools.

It is important to recognize the importance of happiness in life. 

I personally need to go through my notes several times to learn something new.

Experts should identify major challenges in our education system and try to deal with them. 

Sharing information freely provides the opportunity for more students to increase their knowledge.

Chemistry teachers should provide different materials in laboratory and let students experiment with them.

Having more experience, adults probably make fewer mistakes and this makes them feel proud and confident.

For every exam, teenagers need to revise(= review) their books several times, so they wouldn’t have time for anything outside school hours. 



تمرین های لغت و جمله سازی

تمرین اول

تمرین دوم


تمرین سوم


تمرین چهارم


تمرین پنجم


تمرین ششم


تمرین هفتم


تمرین هشتم


تمرین نهم


تمرین دهم

Teenagers have more fun compare to adults.

There are many games that they can play to pass their time and have a good time. 

About 60 percent of drivers in my hometown are men. 

A famous football player can make a lot of money every year.

There are more rules to follow in a big city which makes life more stressful. 

The feeling of happiness will not last long, so people have to find new way to keep themselves happy.

Happiness has different meaning for different people. 

An important reason why many people choose big cities for living is the fact that there are more facilities there. 

Unhealthy foods and snacks are more popular in large cities. 

A professional artist can become very famous and make a lot of money in a big city. 

It is easier to find people with similar interest in a large city. 

Top athletes usually live in big cities because there is more chance for progress there.

Teenagers do not need to think about many problems since they are supported by their parents. 

Young people in large cities especially before the age of 15 do not have any financial responsibility.

Top universities in every country are mainly located in large cities.

Adults mostly see their job and their family as the most important things in their lives. 



Breakfast is the most important meal according to some experts. 

Total income of an engineer is much more in a large city compare with a small town.

People with fresh ideas usually immigrate to large cities in search of better education and job opportunities. 

Not all activities that teenagers do are healthy, so parents need to pay more attentions to what they do.

Adulthood is the perfect time for starting a family and having children.

A professional designer is hardly ever needed in a village, but in a big city they can find  a good job. 

Teenagers study hard to continue their education in university instead of working a full time job.

Having the chance of starting a business is just one of many possibilities that a big city offers.

Teenagers may take a part time job once in a while but having a job is a  very important part of adult life.

Adults quickly understand that many of their dreams about a good future has not been real and this can be depressing. 

People rarely think about how healthy their food is because they are very busy all the time. 



Some people believe buildings in large cities are stronger than those in small towns and villages. 

Top floor in large cities is more expensive because it have a better view and there is less noise. 

Unlike the past people cannot enjoy having a garden at their homes. 

In large cities people do not usually have many guests each week.

The type of buildings and materials is different in different climates. 

Apartments in big cities have rarely a beautiful view

Teenagers can build a great future if they study and work hard at the same time.

In a large city every family owns a car but this may not be true for a small town. 

Teenagers have beautiful moments at that age because they fall in love for the first time. 

Everything is usually more expensive in a large city. 

Residents of a big city do not like to have a simple lifestyle.

Teenagers should try to find their special abilities and try to find a job that needs those abilities. 



جلسه دوم:


Many teenagers are enthusiastic about their education and their future career.

The most motivated teachers and professors usually live in big cities rather than small towns and villages.

Standards of living improves faster in a large modern city compare to a small town in the same country.

Psychologists believe it is easier for teenagers to express their feelings and that is why they suffer less from depression.

Teenagers can effectively communicate with other people around them and share ideas.

It is obvious that young students learn better in an environment with less distraction.

A stable job is really encouraging for adults and keep them happy.

It is not possible to accurately predict how happy a person will be in each stage of their life.

Every failure can be frustrating for a while but this feeling won’t last forever.

Adults have already achieved some of their goals in life and this can be an important reason for happiness.

Every year, many companies in a big city decide to expand and this means even more job opportunities for residents.

Teenagers usually engage in a wide range of leisure activities and can really enjoy those years.

What make an adult happy might be very complex and difficult to achieve, while for a teen it is most of the time very straightforward and achievable.

Problems that people face in adulthood is mostly complicated but teens tend to forget and forgive easily.

Learning to speak a second language fluently, for example, opens a world of opportunity to a teenager.

In a big city, young people receive an education that is more appropriate to their needs.

These days teenagers may have access to inappropriate content on the Internet.


Many people believe they can have a better financial situation in a large modern city.

The way teenagers see the world is more positive.

When a person becomes an adult and gets married, their situation changes completely.

Teenagers usually depend on their parents for both money and emotional support.

It is sometimes difficult to describe what happiness is because it is a personal feeling.

For example in a small town if you do not shake hands, people may think you are unfriendly.

When an adult touch their newborn for the first time, they feel really happy.

It is acceptable for a teen to spend hours having fun with their friends and even to be without a job.

It is common in a big city to work for 8 to 10 hours every day.

In a big city, people usually have to wear formal clothes when they are at work.

In traditional families, young people tend to receive more support and attention from their parents and siblings.

If you have a university degree in a small city, you may only have a slightly higher salary.

Though people make more money in big cities, they have to work much harder.

Teenagers get together more often than adults since they have more free time and less responsibility.





جلسه سوم:


Teenagers see their friend as a source of support and encouragement.

Adulthood is the best time for ambitious people to work hard and make smart decisions to achieve their goals.

Having such first-hand experience will help these tourists be more self-confident in their personal lives.

Teenagers are more generous with their friends and are usually happy to help them tackle their problems.

There journeys teach those who are impatient to take their time to appreciate things, which is an important life lesson.

Many young people are arrogant but as they grow and learn more, they change and learn to respect people around them more.

Most people in large cities are aggressive because otherwise they will not be able to achieve what they want.

It is known that teenagers tend to be more cheerful as they have not had painful experiences of adulthood.

In small towns, people are expected to be easy-going because they know each other better and have more in common.

As teenagers grow older, they have to be more responsible.



Some teenagers might choose a university major despite their parent‘s disapproval.

Some people learn better when they study in group.

When people spend time in nature away from large cities, they learn to show respect.

Some people believe that an adult is a happier person compare to a teenagers while others disagree,

An adult may come across a university classmate long after graduation.

Many people criticize President Rouhani for his management of the country.

Poor people cannot go to university because the tuition can be quite expensive.

Many ideas that we have as a young person may seem very stupid years later when we are adults.

Young people have to follow rules as long as they live with their parents.

They wanted to see a rare bird, so they travelled to faraway island.

Beautiful days of life as a teenager come to an end very soon when they have to work and live alone.

While some people only like 5 star hotels, other like to travel to places without any facilities to enjoy the nature.







جلسه چهارم:




Economic problems in small towns will not make people feel miserable since they always support each other.

Teenagers always rely on their family for financial matters and enjoy themselves more than adults.

Information related to remote areas may not be reliable, which can put tourists at risks.

Some tourists may makes friends during such journeys and they may keep in touch in many years to come.

The existence of wild animals in remote areas may make some travelers feel very anxious.

If a student is not sociable, they may find it difficult to adapt to group works in the presence of opposite sex.

These tourists may later regret being in those areas since there is not much to do and they may feel bored.



Each country has only one capital city.

Cars and other vehicles cause pollution in big cities.

Government should use the tax to improve public transport system.

Traffic in large cities wastes people’s time every day.

Many people in Tehran use subway to commute to work every day.

If a plan is successful, other people or other countries copy it quickly.

Children should not cross a road alone. An adult should always help them.

Renting a small flat in a big city can be very expensive.

Fast foods are always available nearby but more healthy foods are not

Leisure activities such as playing video games and watching TV is more popular than activities with more physical exercise.

In big cities, even people without a university education can find a job.

There are many problems in out city. First of all, public transport is not effective and it is unavailable sometimes.

In places with difficult conditions, only very basic facilities might be available.





جلسه پنجم:


The number of young people in new generations might be considerably more, which requires certain investment and provision by the government.

Immigrants may affect the population age structure.   

Thanks to the information flow we have a radically different view of the world compare with our ancestors

For a teenager, even relatives can be the source of both emotional and financial support. 

Many people who are originally from small towns and villages are now residents of large modern cities.

Teenagers are brought up by their parents, which means they have to follow certain rules at home.



جلسه ششم:


Approximately 50% of the young population in many developing countries face unemployment.

Some argue that solution to many of our current problems cannot be found in laboratories by scientists and we might have to change the way we live.

Tourists seem to explore new ways of having fun by visiting places with extreme weather condition.

Psychologists need to carry out research to prove if people in a certain age in fact feel more happy compare to those in other age groups.

No study has yet confirmed that a separate school can produce better results.

The analysis shows that many countries around the world will have to face the challenge of having an old population.

Opportunities exists for such tourists to see the world in a new perspective.


Doing physical exercise should be a part of people’s lifestyle.

There are international organizations that work to protect the environment.

A successful employee should keep a healthy relationship with their manager.

Many volunteers in international organizations are those who are over 30 years of age.

Travelling to places with difficult conditions help people appreciate simple things that they have in their life.

Tourists who travel together may meet others and keep in touch long after such trips.





جلسه هفتم:


The climate in these places may be so unfriendly that tourists would not be able to enjoy their trip. 

Everyone needs to think about different ways in our daily life to reduce the pressure on the environment

Even a gradual increase in the number of old people can affect the economy of a given country.

Many factories in my country release toxic gases into the atmosphere because there is no rule to stop them.

Some people argue that an increase in the number of young people may have a harmful effect on the economy. 

Scientists say greenhouse gases increase the temperature and result in “global warming”. 

The trips by tourists to remote areas may create environmental pollution

A rise in the number of young people can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. 

The dream they have of the future may soon disappear when their start a boring job and unsatisfactory adult life.

Famine can cause serious problems for a country that relies on its agriculture.








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