How to Arrange a basket of beautiful words in Your mind – Online diary

Earlier today I had an online IELTS class with a young Iranian woman who lives in the Netherlands at the moment. She can manage to make simple sentences and she can easily manage her everyday life using English language but still something bothers her. “How can I use more academic words when I talk to others?” she asked today. This is interesting because I faced the same problem about 10 years ago when I was preparing for IELTS exam. I thought answer to this question may be of interest for many other students.

Books Can Help!

if someone wants to improve their English in a meaningful way in a short period of time, they can not ignore books. Books that aim at academic word list (AWL) can effectively change the way you talk and write. I personally suggest a book named “Focus on Vocabulary 2” which is full of academic words and very good exercises which focuses on collocations of target words.

Underline loved ones!

You should go through the text and underline or highlight the words or sentences you like. It is never unique! You love your own words and love using them when you talk or write. try to repeat them several time or write them down in a notebook so can go back to them easily.

Don’t pick too many words. It is very unlikely that you use many different words actively in your speaking so you don’t need to try to do something like that. Keep it to the minimum but try to effectively apply them in your sentences.

Movies and TV Series Can Help!

If you are not in rush, watching movies can help and you can fundamentally change the way you talk or write forever! Once a Russian friend told me he couldn’t have achieved such level of English without movies and series. He was so fluent and his word choice was so accurate that many people thought he was an American!

However, many people reluctant to pause a movie to hunt a word or jot it down somewhere. If you think you are such person, this method can work smoothly. Bear in mind that series can be a much better choice because the language normally won’t change much from a season to the next one but movies are completely different and can be difficult to work with.


چکیده فارسی: یکی از زبان آموزان کلاس های آنلاین آیلتس که در هلند زندگی میکند به من گفت: در ساخت جمله های ساده مشکلی ندارم و زندگی من پیش میرود ولی چطور میتوانم در گفته ها و نوشته ها واژگان آکادمیک مناسب تری به کار ببرم؟ این مشکل رو شخصا 10 سال پیش تجربه کرده بودم. کتاب های دربرگیرنده واژگان آکادمیک و سریال ها میتوانند گزینه های خوبی باشند


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