لغات کاربردی آزمون آیلتس – Oxford word Skills 17/18 پخت و پز/پول مسائل مالی

لغات کاربردی آزمون آیلتس کتاب Oxford word Skills

لغات کاربردی آزمون آیلتس کتاب Oxford word Skills

لغات کاربردی آزمون آیلتس کتاب Oxford word Skills – فصل 17 و 18

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لطف کنید پس از بررسی دقیق واژه های بالا در یک دیکشنری استاندارد مثل Longman یا American Word power Dictionary، مثال های خود را برای واژه های اصلی بالا در بخش دیدگاه ها وارد نمایید. این مثال ها بهمراه Feedback قابل بازبینی خواهند بود.

این تصویر بالاترین کیفیت را در مرورگر گوگل کروم خواهد داشت.

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فائزه جمعه 962

A waste of time: this afternoon I waste time and can’t do any work. Good for you: when my mother goes to the doctor, he tells her about something work good for her. Keep sth up: I like cooking and I want to keep it up. Put on weight: I put on weight and must be diet. Junk food: sometimes I like to eat junk food. Plenty of sth: I have a plenty of vegetables and I don’t know do. Fizzy drink: doctors tell people fizzy drink such as coca- cola is dangerous for them healthy. Snack: my mother always… بیشتر بخوانید

عليرضا رمضان پور- روزهاي زوج بهمن

Unit 18 Afford sth: I can’t afford your car. Because it’s very expensive. Scratch: She gas some scratches on his back. Discount: My fiancee knows the technique and tricks of getting discount. Off: There is 20 percent off this week on all things in this supermarket. Receipt: Make sure you are given a receipt for everything you buy. Refund: I took the book back to the shop and ask for a refund. The sales: We found a buyer for our house, but then the sale fell through Reduce sth: I reduce my weight by stop eating sugar. Bargain: This coat… بیشتر بخوانید

عليرضا رمضان پور- روزهاي زوج بهمن

Unit 17 A waste of time: It’s a waste of time if you sleep whole of a day. Good for you: It’s good for you doing exercise every day. Keep sth up: I encourage my student to keep their progress up. Put on weight: I am very thin and I’m going to put on my weight. Junk food: Many children like to eat junk food, but it’s not good for them. Plenty of sth: It’s better for children to drink plenty of milk. Fizzy drink: Fizzy drink such as cola are unhealthy for babies. Snack: He does exercise a lot… بیشتر بخوانید

امیرحسین مطهر 96 2 even bahman

afford sth == I can’t afford the tuition of college it’s too expensive. scratch == How can you see ?? there is a big scratch on your glasses. discount == I usually buy everything at a discount off == addidas will be taking it’s products by 50% off. recipt == People don’t usually keep the atm recipt They often throw it away. refund == The package was damaged . So I returned it and asked for refund. the sales == near by norooz almost everygood goes is on sales. reduce == The teacher reduced much mark from my exam paper.… بیشتر بخوانید

زینت ( روزهای زوج بهمن ۹۶)

oxford word skills unit 17: a waste of time: my friend believes watching tv programmes is a waste of time. good for you: Doing plenty of exercise is good for you. keep sth up: If you want pass all exams you should keep up your study time. put on weight: he can not put on weight due to his disease. junk food: If you continue to eat junk food, you will put on weight. plenty of sth: we had plenty of argument last week. fizzy drink: he is addict to fizzy drink,he can not stop drinking them. snack: would you… بیشتر بخوانید

امیرحسین مطهر 96 2 even bahman

a waste of time == argeuing with stupid people is a waste of time. good for you == having a appropriate manner is good for you. keep sth up == I always try to keep my knowledge up to date put on weight == This programme tells us It is possible to put on weight withing 5 kilos within 2 weeks. junk food == junk foods are very unhealthy. plenty of sth == I’m not hungry because I’ve had plenty of food. fizzy drink == I drink fizzy drink instead of soft drink. snack == It is very good to… بیشتر بخوانید

بهرام( even bahman962)

17 A waste of time: Going to university is a waste of time in my country. Healthy : Go on a diet is healthy for your body Keep sth up: I was so hungry all the time that I could not keep the diet up for longer than a month Put on weight: To put on weight you need to eat more calories than your body burns. Junk food : last night we went to the cinema and ate some junk food Plenty of : in summer road trip make sure you take plenty of cold water with you Fizzy… بیشتر بخوانید

بهرام( even bahman962)

18 Afford: He can’t afford a new car Scratch: There is a scratch on the car door. Discount: Off: 20% off all red tagged items Receipt : keep the receipt in case you want to exchange the sweater. Refund: your travel expenses will be refunded. The sales: sale all week everything half price Reduce sth: we reduce the amount of fat in our diets. Bargain: at that price ,it is real bargain. Change: do you have change for a dollar? Income: it is sometimes difficult for a family to live on one income. Wealthy : he was born into a… بیشتر بخوانید

Halimeh lakzaei /Even Day

He couldn’t afford to buy a car. My phone has a scratch on it. I bought this coat at a discount . Students can get discount on books. A huge reduction in clothes price. Did you get receipt for computer. This shop gives you full refund if you wasn’t satisfied with your purchase. This bags are on sale. This TV is reduced to $20. I gave him $30 and I should get $10 change. Same people are on low income. She lives in the wealthy residential area. Shall we buy $20 worth of bag. He made a fortune selling his… بیشتر بخوانید

Roshanak Rahimi

Afford:I like to have a car but I cant afford it
scratch: I bought a laptop that there was a scratch on it
discount: I ask the shop assistant for a discount
receipt: yesterday I go to shop but I forgot to receipt
refund: I take back my laptop and ask for refund
the sales: on a shop near my work there was the sales
dreduced: I want to buy a cell phone ,It’s reduce 100 $

Halimeh lakzaei /Even Day

Watching TV is wast of time. Eating fresh fruit is good for you. Air population is bad for elderly. Keep studying English up.. Junk food is bad for children. I have plenty of home work to do. Some people drink fizzy drink everyday. Eating vegetable is healthy snack. Red meat is not a fattening food. I try to cut down on chocolate. Doing exercise regularly is a good advice. Keeping a balance diet up needs a lot of effort. Most people are suffering from bad diet not famine. She went on a diet to loose weight. Peel the onions and… بیشتر بخوانید

amin Bazzi

Amin (Friday 962 Azar) Unit 18: Afford: I couldn’t afford a car better than a Pride. Scratch: Two boys scratched their names on a wooden door. Discount: I think its better to ask for a discount whenever you want to buy a car. Off: the salesman accepted to take some off and he sold all the goods. Receipt: If you want to return sth to the shop, you should keep the receipt. Refund: If there was any problem with my car I’ll take it back and ask for a refund. The sales: I’m waiting for the sales to buy my… بیشتر بخوانید

ایمان شایق (کلاس روزهای فرد آذرماه)

Unit 17 fizzy drink some fizzy drinks are strictly forbidden in my country fattening I don’t like go on a diet because I would like eat fattening food plenty of I usually drink plenty of fizzy drink after lunch cut down on sth I have to cut down on fatty food if I want lose weight keep sth up when I am studying and there are a lot of noise there, I think I can’t keep it up stock if you want to bake delicious food, add chicken stock to it peel peel cucumbers and tomatoes when you want make… بیشتر بخوانید

ایمان شایق (کلاس روزهای فرد آذرماه)

ممنون از سایت خوبتون
من سعی میکنم که جملات رو وارد کنم

Sareh Rezvani

put on weight- I am putting on a little weight since I leave my diet
Cut down on- If you do not cut down on your unnecessary expenses probably you will broke till next year.
Plenty of fizzy drinks can be harmful for health and causes stomach problem
Keep sth up- You must concentrate on your aim to be able to keep your ambitious up.

masood moosavian-Friday-online

unit 17
a waste of time: studying in univercity is a waste of time
good for you: enough sleeping is good for you

S.Ghasemi- Friday Tir

Diet and Cooking: good for you (healthy): eat the nutritious foods are good for our health fattening: fizzy drink and starchy foods are fattening and caused put on weight Plenty of sth: Plenty of exercise without get an advice from the coach could be dangerous for health cut down sth: Go on a balance diet and eat nourishing food and avoid junk food could help to cut down the weight. ingredients: Most of the famous restaurant in the world buy fresh ingredients everyday ———– Money: Afford sth: The cost of houses because of inflation are too height, so just wealthy… بیشتر بخوانید

sajjad jamali_ fridays tir96

Unit 18 afford / can afford: can you afford to buy this mansion Scratch: she scratched the table with a knife Discount/ Reduction at this shop, they give discounts to teachers/ a %15 discount in the price of every item Off: she agrees to take 30% off to this cloth Reciept: this is the receipt of the goods/ when you buy something you get a receipt Refund: they refused to give me a refund because they have said before/ return your train ticket within 15 days for a full refund The sales: i bought these shoes at the Adidas’ sale… بیشتر بخوانید


Unit 18 Afford sth: this apartment is so expensive so unfortunately I can’t afford it. Scratch: don’t worry it is just scratch it isn’t a serious injury. Discount: members of club get a 15% discount. Off: the seller agreed to take 20% off. Receipt: I always keep receipt after shopping. Refund :he refused to give me a refund. The sales: when the Adidas stores are on the sales I always buy some stuff from them. Reduce sth: the OPEC reduced producing of oil. Bargain: Good knives don’t come at bargain prices. Change: I paid 200$ and they didn’t give me… بیشتر بخوانید

mojde jam

afford: they couldnt afford to buy a big house
discount: he give you a discount on rail travel
refund: you should demand a refund
for sales: this clothes are for sales
reduce: they should reduce injuries in motorcycle accident
bargain: these clothes are a real bargain
cost a fortun: it will cost a fortune if we go by taxi
value sth at sth: her jewellery valued at €500000
a sum of: we have a sum of money on business
owe: he owe his father €500

Mohammad Karimi - Even days

Lesson 18: Afford sth: I can’t afford to go on vacation this summer. Scratch: There is a small scratch on my mobile screen. Discount: There is a different discount for special members. Off: In different time, there are more than 10$ off for this product. Receipt: You should show your receipt when you want to exit. Refund: He gave me a full refund when I return my purchase. The sales: We often plan to buy our clothes in the sales. Reduce sth: My father reduces the amount of sugar in his diet. Bargain: There are many bargains in this clothes… بیشتر بخوانید

Unit 18 Afford : some people afford for buying personal plan. Scratch : when i my mobail there was scratch on the lenz’s camera. Assistant :i report to the assistant about some lesses store. Discount: i bought sevral book with good discount In the last week. The sales: in some celebrate people buy of the sales some things. Bargain: usaully iranian bargain about buy every thinges. Change: i went to the store and paied 10€ and saller chanded to me3€. Receipt:we should give receipt when we have alot buy. Refund:if things have had to scratch we often refund to the… بیشتر بخوانید

Fariba Ghasemy

Fizzy drink: I prefer water to fizzy drink.
Fattening: you should avoid of fattening foods such as chips.
Cut down on: I have cut down on the money that I spend on clothing every month.
Stock: ???
Mince: she always minces meats for making stew.
scratch: there is a scratch on my glass.
Bargain: Its price is reasonable; I think it is a real bargain.

زهرا دانشمندی

I have decided to change my major Good for you
He has put on weight 12 kilos
It is not easy to end up living off junk food
There are plenty of time don’t worry about your exam
I have one light snack every day
Look at this recipe book
When the water come to the boil you can add spaghetti
I bought a gorgeous serving dish
There are bags of flour in that shelf
Please peel the potatoes then chop them
For baking this cake preheat the oven to 200 degree
You can add some flovour to mixture