لغات دشوار ریدینگ کمبریج آیلتس 16

لغات دشوار ریدینگ کمبریج آیلتس 16

لغات دشوار ریدینگ کمبریج آیلتس 16

لغات دشوار ریدینگ کمبریج آیلتس جلد 16

گردآوری و ارایه تعریف(Definition) و مثال(Example) برای لغات دشوار ریدینگ های کمبریج آیلتس از دیکشنری های استاندارد و امکان صرفه جویی در زمان برای زبان آموزان برای اولین بار در ielts2.com و در سال 1395 با صرف هزینه های زیاد انجام شد اما متاسفانه بدلیل انتشار بدون درج منبع از سوی همکاران و زبان آموزان برای چند سال متوقف شد. در اقدامی تازه به صورت محدود اقدام به ارایه فهرست های جدیدی برای لغات دشوار کمبریج ایلتس جلد های جدید کرده ایم. 

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سخت ترین لغات کمبریج آیلتس آکادمیک جلد 16 

Test 1

1. Maternity 

✅ Definition: The quality or state of being a mother

✅ Example: Most women who take maternity leave look forward to returning to their jobs.


2. Den

✅ Definition: A wild mammal’s hidden home

✅ Example: The bears will spend most of the winter in their den.


3. Bedridden

✅ Definition: Confined (as by illness) to bed

✅ Example: The slides are then shown to the bedridden patient.


4. Resort to

✅ Definition: To do or use (something) especially because no other choices are possible

✅ Example: The government resorted to censorship of the press.


5. Adipose

✅ Definition: Of, relating to, or composed of animal fat; fatty.

✅ Example: Seals have a thick layer of adipose tissue, which acts as insulation against the cold and contributes to buoyancy as well


6. Fasting

✅ Definition: To eat no food or very little food for a period of time, often for religious reasons

✅ Example: Clinicians have found that fasting was frequently accompanied by an increased level of vigilance and a mood improvement.


7. Anecdotal evidence

✅ Definition: Anecdotal evidence is evidence from anecdotes: evidence collected in a casual or informal manner and relying heavily or entirely on personal testimony.

✅ Example: His conclusions are not supported by data; they are based only on anecdotal evidence.



8. Dislodge

✅ Definition: to remove something or someone, especially by force, from a fixed position.

✅ Example: The earthquake dislodged stones from the walls and the roof.


9. Knock over

✅ Definition: to hit someone with a vehicle and injure or kill them.

✅ Example: She got knocked over by a taxi as she ran for the bus.


10. Agile

✅ Definition: able to move your body quickly and easily.

✅ Example: Monkeys are very agile climbers.


11. Thought-out

✅ Definition: If something is carefully/well/badly thought out, it is carefully/well/badly planned.

✅ Example: To me the whole idea seems to be badly thought out.


12. Sled = sledge

✅ Definition:  an object used for travelling over snow and ice with long, narrow strips of wood or metal under it instead of wheels. It can be either a low frame, or a vehicle like a carriage pulled by horses or dogs.


13. Tribute to

✅ Definition: respect or admiration for someone, or a formal event at which respect and admiration are expressed.

✅ Example: The memorial pays tribute to Africans brought here as slaves.


14. Conceive of

✅ Definition: to imagine something

✅ Example: I think my uncle still conceives of me as a four-year-old.


15. Slab

✅ Definition: a thick, flat piece of a solid substance, such as stone, wood, metal, food, etc., that is usually square or rectangular

✅ Example: a concrete/marble slab


16. Inward

✅ Definition: on or towards the inside

✅ Example: The force pushes the object in an inward direction.


17. Incline

✅ Definition: to (make someone) feel something or want to do something

✅ Example: The prime minister is believed to be inclining towards an April election.


18. Ringed

✅ Definition: to surround something

✅ Example: Armed police ringed the hijacked plane.

✅ Example: Students should ring the correct answers in pencil.


19. Carve

✅ Definition: to make something by cutting into especially wood or stone, or to cut into the surface of stone, wood, etc.

✅ Example: This totem pole is carved from/out of a single tree trunk.

✅ Example: He carved her name on a tree.


20. Maze

✅ Definition: an area in which you can get easily lost because there are so many similar streets or passages

✅ Example: The old part of the town was a maze of narrow passages.

✅ Example: It’s almost impossible to get through the maze of bureaucracy.

✅ Example: He felt like a rat in a maze.

✅ Example: You have to weed through the maze of complex rules in order to fill out your tax forms.


21. Inscribe

✅ Definition: to write words in a book or carve (= cut) them on an object:

✅ Example: The prize winners each receive a book with their names inscribed on the first page.

✅ Example: The wall of the church was inscribed with the names of the dead from World War I.


22. Predecessor

✅ Definition: someone who had a job or a position before someone else, or something that comes before another thing in time or in a series

✅ Example: My predecessor worked in this job for twelve years.

✅ Example: The latest Ferrari is not only faster than its predecessors but also more comfortable.


23. Milestone

✅ Definition: a stone or post at the side of the road that shows the distance to various places, especially to the nearest large town / an important event in the development or history of something or in someone’s life

✅ Example: He felt that moving out of his parents’ home was a real milestone in his life.


24. Archetype

✅ Definition: a typical example of something, or the original model of something from which others are copied

✅ Example: The United States is the archetype of a federal society.


25. Embody

✅ Definition: to represent a quality or an idea exactly / to include as part of something

✅ Example: She embodied good sportsmanship on the playing field.

✅ Example: Kennett embodied in one man an unusual range of science, music, and religion.


26. Novice

✅ Definition: a person who is not experienced in a job or situation:

✅ Example: I’ve never driven a car before – I’m a complete novice.

✅ Example: This plant can be difficult for novice gardeners to grow.


27. Creep

✅ Definition: to move slowly, quietly, and carefully, usually in order to avoid being noticed

✅ Example: She turned off the light and crept through the door.


28. Expertise 

✅ Definition: a high level of knowledge or skill

✅ Example: We admired the expertise with which he prepared the meal.

✅ Example: I have no expertise in sewing/sewing expertise.


29. Trajectory

✅ Definition: the curved path that an object follows after it has been thrown or shot into the air

✅ Example: the trajectory of a bullet/missile


30. Envisage 

✅ Definition: to imagine or expect something in the future, especially something good

✅ Example: Train fare increases of 15 percent are envisaged for the next year.

✅ Example: It’s envisaged that building will start at the end of this year.


31. Fallacy 

✅ Definition: an idea that a lot of people think is true but is in fact false

✅ Example: It is a common fallacy that women are worse drivers than men.


32. Apocalyptic 

✅ Definition: showing or describing the total destruction and end of the world, or extremely bad future events

✅ Example: apocalyptic visions of a nuclear confrontation

✅ Example: apocalyptic warnings about our destruction of the environment


33. Redeployment 

✅ Definition: the act of moving employees, soldiers, equipment, etc. to a different place or using them in a more effective way

✅ Example: the redeployment of troops

✅ Example: They increased pay to encourage soldiers to enlist for further redeployments.


34. Pre-empt

✅ Definition: to do or say something before someone so that you make their words or actions unnecessary or not effective

✅ Example: The minister held a press conference in order to pre-empt criticism in the newspapers.


35. Astounding 

✅ Definition: very surprising or shocking:

✅ Example: an astounding fact/decision/revelation

✅ Example: an astounding (= very great) victory/achievement/success


36. Subsistence agriculture 

✅ Definition: the state of having what you need in order to stay alive, but no more:

✅ Example: The money is intended to provide a basic subsistence and should not be paid to someone who receives other income.

✅ Example: The family was living at subsistence level.


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