فراگیری لغات مقدماتی زبان انگلیسی – فصل هفتم

فراگیری لغات مقدماتی زبان انگلیسی

فراگیری لغات مقدماتی زبان انگلیسی

لغات پایه زبان انگلیسی سطح Elementary برای بسیاری از زبان آموزان مجموعه مشخصی نیستند. در ielts2.com تصمیم گرفته ایم بخش تازه ای برای آموزش و تمرین لغات ایجاد نماییم. در این بخش همگام با کلاس های خصوصی، نیمه خصوصی و آنلاین آیلتس و تافل در سطح مقدماتی و پایه از زبان آموزان خواسته میشود پس از تمرین با متن پیشنهادی کتاب Select Readings در فصل های مختلف، برای هر یک از واژگان کلیدی پایان فصل یک مثال زده و در بخش دیدگاه ها درج نمایید. مثال زدن به معنای به کار بردن هر واژه در یک جمله میباشد. توانایی به کار بردن واژگان در جمله به معنای دانستن و تسلط بر واژه مربوطه میباشد.

همچنین میتوانید فایل صوتی خوانده شدن متن همین فصل را در player زیر بشنوید:


فراگیری لغات مقدماتی زبان انگلیسی – فصل هفتم – بیشتر بخوانید

لغات پایه زبان انگلیسی سطح Elementary – درس ششم

آموزش لغات زبان انگلیسی سطح مقدماتی Basic – درس اول

دانلود ویرایش جدید(دوم) کتاب Select Readings, Elementary بهمراه پاسخنامه

تمرین و جمله سازی با لغات زبان انگلیسی، مقدماتی آیلتس/تافل و آیلتس/تافل

دانلود کتاب واژگان آکسفرد Oxford Word Skills – Intermediate

دانلود نرم افزار تقویت لغت Oxford Word skills Intermediate

منابع پیش آیلتس Pre IELTS

فهرست بهترین منابع آیلتس

دانلود گلچین 300 فیلم خودآموز زبان انگلیسی

روش آغاز کار و آمادگی برای آزمون تافل

دانلود 600 منبع گلچین شده آیلتس و تافل

آموزش آنلاین آیلتس و تافل

تدریس خصوصی تافل

تدریس خصوصی آیلتس و مکالمه زبان انگلیسی با مدرس خانم

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آرزو هاشمی ، دوره ی آیلتس اسفند۹۸

1.You had a good decision
2.I like to live in desert
3.desert have a dry envirinment
4.heat in desert is aggravating
5.one of my problems is studing at night
6.a good trip by train
7.you decided to buy such house
8.I hurt in such accident
9.youbshould rest for a while
10.driving at night seems is dangerous.
11.I’ve never accepted faild because I always begin to do again
12.there is a section innthe mall for lost things
13.we arrived at home in the same time
14.l like windy weather
15. I should have concentration during studing.
16.this program shows until midnight.
17.across (adv)

احسان زندی دوره ایلتس مهرماه 1398

Select reading elementary unit 7 Decision: she refused to discuss her decision to quite the group. Desert: this area of the country is mostly desert. Environment: the effect of acid rain on the environment. Heat: heat transfer is very important in mechanical engineering. Problem: heart attack is a very big problem in our society. Trip: last summer I had a fantastic trip to South Africa. Begin: I began teaching mathematics in 2015. Decide: people have a right to decide how to spend their own money. Hurt: he hurt his knee playing football. Rest: I need to sit down and rest… بیشتر بخوانید

علی بهمن آبادی-دوره جمعه ها-بهمن ماه

Select readings – 7 Stretches: he stretched the banner between two houses.. Quit: I am looking for better job but i have no decision to quit now. Decision: sometimes make a decision is very difficult. Desert: there are many hot and vast desert in iran. Environment: choosing a quiet environment for living is very important for me. Heat: after earthquake in kermanshah, iraninan people sent heat clothes to victim families. Problem: i can resolve all kind of computer problems. Trip: i wish a nice trip for her. Begin: finally I begun to studying english. Decide: I have decided to make… بیشتر بخوانید

E- Payandan- Friday

1-Same: my father and my mother have the same decision.
2-Across: the man are running across the desert.

مهناز توفیق- جمعه بهمن

Select readings – 7 Stretches: The North of Iran stretches across Mazandaran to Gilan state. Quit: I didn’t like my job so I quit. Decision: I told my decision to my husband but he didn’t accept. Desert: Have you ever seen deserts of Kerman? I have seen them before I got married. Environment: A bad home environment affected his progress in school. Heat: Heat clothes make me satisfy in winter. Problem: I have had many problems in my life. Trip: I would like to go on a good trip. Begin: My son begins doing his homework as soon as he… بیشتر بخوانید

vahid taghavi

Decision: this is my decision and my decision is fin. Desert: there is a big desert around our city. Environment: I don’t want to damage the environment. Heat: I never drink heat coffee. Problem: my main problem is management the time. Trip: I was very tired when came back home. Begin: I begin to realize I had been wrong. Decide: I decided to wake up early. Hurt: I don’t want to hurt in football. Rest: I need to get some rest. Seem: you seem kind of tired. Lost: when I was child I lost one time. Same: your plane and… بیشتر بخوانید


Decision: sometimes it is difficult to make decision Desert: Sahara desert has unfriendly environment Heat: the heat of sun makes people sick at temperatures above 40 C Problem: hot weather causes health problems Trip: we are going to take a trip to Isfahan Begin: her speech began at 11 pm Decide: she decided to leave his spouse Hurt: smoking is very harmful. It hurts our hearts Rest: it is necessary for us to rest and sleep around 6 hours Seem: It seems government is going to assist street boys Lost: they lost their ways during their trip to Sahara desert… بیشتر بخوانید

M.Rahimi.962.Fridays Azar

Decision: my friend hadn’t good reasons for his decision. Desert: the Lut desert is the hottest place on the Iran. Environment: we should promise to protect the environment. Heat: the heat of the Lut desert is very hot. Problem: they couldn’t solve problems together. Trip: the trip with family will be more enjoyable. Begin: I began to learning English last month. Decide: you will have to decide what to want. Hurt: we shouldn’t hurt the animals in the zoo. Rest: after lunch I want to rest for a while. Seem: it seems to me that we have no chance. Lost:… بیشتر بخوانید

maryam golshahi- 96 sharivar

decision: they made the decision to ride bicycle around highway
desert: loot desert is famous as the hot place of several Iran
environment:some of these factory are very damaging to the environment
heat:the heat was making them tired
trip: how was your trip
begin: as every body here , lets begin
decide: you must decide for yourself
windly: the weather is windy, but you cant go to play tennis


Unit 7 Decision: I’ve always regretted about my decision. Desert: the loot desert is the hottest place in the world. Environment: now day people don’t care about Environment. Heat: the heat wave is coming. Problem: we always have problems with another. Trip: how was your trip darling? Begin: I want to begin my study in this month. Decide: I decided to go china for studying. Hurt: in football match he hurt my leg. Rest: If you’re tired, we’ll stop and rest for a while. Seem: it seems impossible, don’t try that. Lost: I lost my money in front of bank.… بیشتر بخوانید

Marzieh Hamzei / fridays 96

decision : i want to think about it a bit longer before i make a decision desert : desert is an unfriendly environment but it has fantastic nights heat : most people don’t like the heat. it makes them feel very tired trip : did you enjoy your trip to iran problem : he was older than me but that wasn’t really a problem begin : the meeting begins at 10 am decide : my brother decide to quit his job hurt : was anyone hurt in the accident rest : you look tired why don’t you take a rest… بیشتر بخوانید

masood moosavian-Friday-online

decision: he made a decision about his life desert: lack of water in desert is considerable environment: we have to keep our environment clean heat: ice cream will melt in natural heat problem: what is your main problem trip: I took a trip to shiraz begin: the show begin at 8 pm decide: you can not decide about my money hurt: I hurted my finger with hammer rest: after hard working, I have to rest at home. seem: it seems like your are unhappy lost: I found my lost key same: we arrived home at the same time windy: it’s… بیشتر بخوانید

mojde jam

decision: they made a difficult decision
desert : the sahara desert is the largest
desert in the world
decide: i decided to get the best score
hurt: his leg is hurt in soccer
rest: you seem tired please rest for a while
lost: i found the lost child near home
during : it is very hot during the day
windy: its very cold and windy day

Farnaz Jamarani

decision: I try to make a right decision
desert: Iran have a popular desert which is called “loot”
environment: The effect of acid rain on the environment
heat: the heat was making them tired
problem: in the trip the had very problems
trip: they started their trip from north to south
begin: I began working in 2013
decide: we decide to change our home
hurt: my knee hurts in the accident
rest: they can rest from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in their office
seem: It seems impossible but I try it

محمود درویش

Decision: I have to make a decision about my job.
Desert: Iran has a desert by named kavir.
Environment: my school has a busy environment.
Heat: my friend loves the heat so she seating down in the sunlight.
Problem: he has a lot of problems. Her car is missing and her father is sick.
Trip: Ali and Reza successfully finished their trip across the Kavir desert.

سید علی موسوی-odddays

The world sees the desert as a desolate land offering only hardship and discomfort
I worked in friendly environments
It is sensitive to both heat and cold
Jack worked on some problems in statistical mechanics.
Sally’s gone on a school trip

Karen cannot begin to work
They decided to appoint someone else
You’re hurting me!
He needed to rest after the feverish activity
Ali seemed tired

Only one can recapture one’s lost money
She was saying the same thing over and over
I am very windy the next morning

He passed across the desert
The restaurant is open during the day
We have been Iran until 2015